Dec 10, 2014

Santa Fe/Eagle Plains Complete Heavy Mineral Concentrate Sampling, Data Compilation Work at Iron Range

nov 24, 2014

Eagle Plains Announces Stornoway Participation in Orchid Property Agreement

Eagle Plains AGM - Oct. 2, 2014

2014 AGM Information Circular

Titan - Molybdenum Mineral Exploration Property

Letter to Shareholders

January 8, 2014

Eagle Plains Letter to Shareholders January 8, 2014


Eagle Plains Resources - Creating Value Through Discovery

Mineral Exploration and Development - An Eagle Plains Spin-out

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Eagle Plains Resources - Exploring Precious Metals in Western Canada
A mineral exploration company trading since 1995Eagle Plains has over 40 mineral exploration projects in western CanadaEagle Plains employs the Project Generator modelEagle Plains options it's projects to other companiesVertically Intergrated - in-house geologists, office, geo facility, GIS and drill co.  TerraLogic Exploration Inc is a subsidiary of Eagle PlainsEagle Plains creates revenue through TerraLogic Exploration IncEagle Plains Resources - a debt free exploration companyEagle Plains maintains a healthy treasury
Eagle Plains Resources - Exploring Precious Metals in Western Canada
Eagle Plains Resources - Mineral Exploration in Western Canada

Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. (EPL: TSX-V) is a junior exploration company operating in western Canada.

Corporate Objective:

To enhance shareholder value through acquisition and development of early stage mineral exploration projects using the following business model.

Business Model:

Research, acquire & develop mineral exploration projects using in-house geological expertise.
Utilize the earn-in contributions of our option partners to fund the development of the exploration projects.
Generate revenue through Terralogic Exploration Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary.
Spin-off advanced projects to make available for acquisition and create shareholder value.

Interview with Tim Termuende - President & CEO

December 4, 2013

Interview with Tim Termuende - President & CEO

January 20, 2013

Below is a list of Eagle Plains projects that are optioned to other companies.  This list includes the earn-in option terms regarding exploration expenditure requirements and cash & share payments to Eagle Plains.  For a more detailed list of projects the have been optioned, sold and under joint-venture click on this link: Eagle Plains Project Arrangements

Active Optioned Projects

EPL Project Name



Cash Terms Share Terms
$ millions $ 000's 000's

Coyote Cr

n/a 250 n/a
Goatfell n/a 350 n/a
Hall Lake 3 600 1100
Iron Range 10 500 6000
K9 5 500 1000
Kokanee Creek 3 260 1000
Rohan 5 500 1000
Tarku 5 500 1200
Wildhorse 4.9 495 1100
$3,930 12,400

The Eagle Plains History of Value

Eagle Plains primary goal is to create value for our shareholders throught discovery of mineral deposits.  This goal is balanced with the strategy of minimizing financial risk and maximizing corporate sustainability.  The result is worthy of bringing to your attention as a shareholder or potential shareholder:

- June 2006 Eagle Plains spins-off it's most developed asset, Copper Canyon, into Copper Canyon Resources (CPY) on a one-for-one share basis to existing shareholders.  Only weeks prior to this spin-off Eagle Plains was trading at about 70 cents, after the spin-off Eagle Plains contiinued trading at about 70 cents while CPY began trading at $1.02.  A very nice value had been created for the shareholders.

- In May 2011, the Copper Canyon Resources shares were bought by NovaGold Resources on a 13.6 CPY to 1 NG share ratio and CPY shareholders also received a new share, Omineca Mining and Metals (OMM) on a one-for-four basis.

- In December 2011, Eagle Plains spins-off Yellowjacket Resources (YJK) on a one for three share basis to existing shareholders.  Yellowjacket Resources has been renamed to Athabasca Nuclear Corp. as its focus is uranuim exploration.

Below is a graph representing the value of your Eagle Plains share since March 2005

To recap, one Eagle Plains share purchased prior to June 2006 has created:

- 1 CPY share which converted to:  
  - 0.0735 NG shares and
  - 1/4 OMM shares
+ 1/3 ASC (Previously YJK)


and your original 1 EPL share remains.

The corporate business model of spinning-off discoveries and developed projects remains.  We are optimistic about continuing this track record of creating value for our shareholders over the long term. 


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